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Why you should choose Howard Financial Management


  • First Time Buyers

    Buying a home for the first time can be a daunting prospect. There’s so many things to think about – and that’s before you’ve even considered the many mortgage products, rates and lenders to choose from.

  • Remortgages

    Remortgaging means switching your mortgage to another deal – often with another lender.

  • Buy to Let Mortgages

    When buying a rental property, you will need to decide whether your objective is income or capital growth.

  • Equity Release Schemes

    A lifetime mortgage is a way of borrowing a set amount of money against the value of your home, in the form of a long-term loan, and without the need to move.

  • Self Build Mortgages

    With a self build mortgage, money is released in stages as the build progresses.

  • Flexible Mortgages

    Flexible mortgages recalculate the outstanding capital and interest (the amount you owe) on a daily basis.

  • Current Account Mortgages

    With a Current Account Mortgage (CAM), you run all of your finances through a single account – your mortgage, current account, savings and personal loans.

Life and Critical Illness Insurance

  • Critical Illness Cover

    This type of cover is designed to pay out a (tax-free) lump sum in the event of you suffering from certain types of serious illness or if you have to undergo certain types of surgery.

  • Income Protection

    Income Protection Insurance is designed to pay you a regular tax free monthly income if you are incapacitated and unable to work due to illness or injury.

  • Level Term Assurance

    Level term assurance guarantees a known lump sum pay-out upon death within a fixed time.

  • Mortgage Life Assurance

    Mortgage Life Assurance is designed to pay off the remaining mortgage debt on repayment mortgages if you die within a set period.

  • Beginner’s Guide to Protecting your Future

    It is a sad fact that whilst most of us are quite happy to insure our car, our house and our travel arrangements to their full value, few of us take quite as much care over our health and loved ones.

Business Protection

  • Shareholder Protection

    Running a company is both time consuming and complex. What may happen should a shareholder die or become seriously ill is often overlooked.

  • Partnership Protection

    One of the great risks of a business partnership is that one of your colleagues may die, with his or her share of the business passing to someone else.

  • Key Person Insurance

    An employer may take out a key person insurance policy on the life or health of any employee whose knowledge, work, or overall contribution is considered uniquely valuable to the company.


  • Capital Gains Tax

    For 2016/2017, individuals are entitled to an annual exemption of £11,100 and trustees to £5,500.

  • Civil Partnerships

    A registered civil partnership is designed to be very much equivalent to a marriage for same sex couples

  • Inheritance Tax

    The Individual Inheritance Tax (IHT) Allowance for tax year 2016/2017 is £325,000.

Long Term Care

  • What you need to know

    Meeting the cost of residential and nursing care in old age is a growing issue for many people in the UK. As life expectancy continues to lengthen, more of us can expect to require some form of long term care.

Conveyancing Services

  • Get a quote

    We work with a select group of conveyancing firms who can offer a range of services to our clients. To see what can be offered to you please click the link above.

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